Game Console Repairs


game console repairs


We are the leading solution providers in video game console repairs. With many years of expertise in Playstation 3 , Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and all popular handhelds such as  Nintendo DS, DSi,DSi-XL, 3D, Sony PSP GO and more. We specialize in Red Lights Fix, Xbox 360 Repair.  We are the best Xbox 360 Repair Center in Los Angeles – Sherman Oaks – Hollywood – Burbank -Northridge – Granada Hills –Simi Valley — Santa Clarita Valley areas.

Game Consoles Professional Repair Services / Free Diagnostics ( A $75 value)

Video Game Console Repairs. PS3 – Xbox 360 – Nintendo – Same Day Professional Repair Service Now Available Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks, Hollywood and a city near you!

The game consoles have become a common household accessory nowadays. It has become a great and fun pass-time activity. There are even some individuals who become addicted to it. The increasing popularity of the game console has also increased the need for game console repair services. Game consoles, no matter what brand ( Playstation, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii) will need repairs eventually. The current market for game console repair services has also increased significantly due to popular demand.
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Most common fixes for Game Consoles

Playstation,Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii Overheating
Playstation,Xbox 360 and Nintendo Power Supply Replacement
Playstation 3 YLOD (yellow light of death) Overheating Repair
Xbox 360 3 Red Lights of Death Repair Service